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News Releases
News: Prestonwood Players Selected for National Championship; Fall 2015 Season...more
News: Spring 2015 Schedule announced ...more
News: Prestonwood reaches National Final...more
News: Prestonwood Wins Central USA Championship 3rd Year in a row...more
News: Fall 2014 Polo Schedule announced...more
News: USPA Patriot Cup Crestview VS Tiburon ...more
News: Prestonwood Wins Central USA Championship 2nd Year in a row...more
News: Prestonwood Hosts USPA Interscholastic Tournament...more
News: Spring 2014 Schedule announced ...more


News: Fall 2013 schedule announced...more


News:  Prestonwood Featured in the Morning Line ...more


News:  Prestonwood Polo Games now online...more



News:  Prestonwood Interscholastic Team wins Central Region ...more



News: Spring 2013 schedule...more



News: Fall 2012 schedule...more



News: Spring 2012 schedule...more


News: Prestonwood Interscholastic team wins USPA Central Region Prelims...more
News:  Funny Polo Lesson at Prestonwood on Bravo TV..more
News:  Fall Season Schedule Announced..more
News: Polo Field 2 now complete..more
News:  Prestonwood Polo camp featured on NBC..more
News:  Prestonwood launches in 2nd annual  Polo Magazine appearing the 380 Guide..more
News:  Dena Miller appointed to USPA Eqiune Committee..more


News:  Dallas Polo Season starts Saturday April 30 at Prestonwood..more
News:  Inaugural Texas Collegiate Arena Challenge Cup at Prestonwood ..more
News:  Prestonwood Wraps Most Successful Season Yet..more

News:  Prestonwood Polo Club Announces Exciting Fall Line-up..more

News:  Dallas Polo Season starts Saturday April 24, Prestonwood Launches its First Magazine..more
News: Prestonwood Polo Club hosts first ever Women's Championship Tournament in North Texas...more
News: Prestonwood Polo Grandstands are open...more
News: Polo on The Lawn set for Saturday, May 2, 2009...more
News: Prestonwood Wins Mokarow Farms Invitational...more
News: Oak Point Polo featured in 380 Guide...more


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